You need only a QR code. No Apps. No downloads.

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Any physical store can use inStoreTM to boost sales per walk-in, create customer loyalty, digitize customers' journeys, highlight products, and create a frictionless customer experience. You need only a QR code. No Apps. No downloads. No drama! Get in touch with us now!

All Brands, Stores & Retail chains : FMCG, Fashion, Luxury, Automobiles, White Goods, Consumer Electronics can now help consumers identify the products they are looking for quicker, close them faster, cross-sell & up-sell more effectively.

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Consumer Experience

Consumers scan a QR code. That's it!

Scan QR code.

Consumer scans store QR code that brings up the store instantly on their phone. You only need a store QR code your consumer can scan. No messy setups. No downloads. No new learning required for consumers!

Store goes digital!

Consumers have the best selection of products, offers, related products, and product locations within the store! You can showcase products and offers you wish instantly!

Boost store revenue.

Watch your store sales go up from 5% to 200%. Increase revenue per visit without any change in store or consumer behaviour! Stay in touch with consumers with suggestions, offers, product updates even after they leave the store!

Brands, Stores & Retail Chains

Transforming store experiences

Retail Chain

Smart Bazaar


How does the store effectively promote a few from over 10000x SKUs

With 100s of categories, 10s of brands in each category and 10s of types in each brand a single Smart Bazaar store has 10000s of SKUs. inStore helps the store highlight the SKUs that the store wants customers to focus on - with effective promotions and product information without cluttering the aisles! Customers are guided straight to the aisle or even the product promotion counters - making effective conversions! .

Car Dealership



Dealerships need to create offers on expensive car inventory they need to move!

The company has 10s of models and 10s of variants on sale at all times. Some variants are at dealer lots for months, while some have months of waiting period! The dealer needs to move inventory and yet meet customer requirements. Furthermore, competitive product information of other brands is not available to a salesperson at a dealership. inStore brings promotions, deep product knowledge and competitive positioning to the fingertips of sale staff. Moreover, inStore allows the dealership to keep in touch with the customer on any related products and offers even when the customer has left the dealership.

Fashion Retail

Multibrand fashion stores


Large selection and styles in a multi-brand environment fragment customer choice

With 10s of jeans brands in each store it is difficult for a brand to stand out. Even it does -- competitive pricing, fast-changing styles and customer preferences make it difficult for customers to choose your product. Large-scale promotions are not possible because of muted store formats in up-market retail. inStore makes it easy for Lee Cooper to position not only its products but create offers on the fly to ensure customer purchase.

Medium format grocery retail

Loyal World Store


Middle format faces the heat from the convenience of Kirana store and the price advantage of large formats

Loyal World Market is in the middle of a local Kirana store that sells at MRP but provides convenience including home delivery and large format retail - that they can't match for price. They need to build a clientele of loyal customers, deliver the best price possible and create offers and promotions that are in line with both the consumers and brands. inStore makes it possible for Loyal World Market to create in-store promotions, events and offers that are tailored to their customer location and demographic which can be changed daily. This ensures the quickest purchase cycle and repeat purchases.

Consumer Electronics

Multibrand Retail


The fast pace of consumer choice makes it difficult for stores to position high-profit products

Customer is king - but stores carry inventory! While customers quickly change preferences depending on competitive marketing stores carry inventory with features just a few weeks old. In addition to the brand and model preference of the customer, stores need to position the products they need to move. inStore gives a personalised effective way of reaching out to customers with in-store promotions, competitive information, related products they can buy and stay in touch with the customer even after they walk out without a purchase.